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TEGREEN 97 is a dietary supplement to support the immune system
Tegreen 97® is an exclusive preparation of green tea leaf extract, which may help to support the antioxidant defence in the body.
At this basic level, daily supplementation with Tegreen 97® may be considered a first line of dietary defence for health protection.

Tea is one of the world’s most popular beverages, second only to water.
Tegreen 97 is caffeine-free and should not produce the stimulant effect caused by the consumption of caffeine-containing beverages in some people.

Natural Antioxidants (comparison of daily intake)
One Capsule of Tegreen 97 (caffeine free) = 80 times more effective than Vitamin C*
= 10 times more effective than Vitamin E*
= 3 glasses of red wine
= 7 cups of green tea
= 8 glasses of grape juice
= 4 glasses of iced tea
*Based on in vitro studies (Kansas University, 1997)

Skin Benefits
Healthy skin is an important aspect of beauty, but sun, gravity, free radical damage and a poor diet take their toll on healthy, youthful-looking skin. The interlacing of collagen with elastin (a protein found in the body’s elastic tissues) gives skin its strength, elasticity and smoothness. Frequent or prolonged sun exposure is a major contributor of premature aging and wrinkles because the sun’s ultraviolet rays generate free radicals in the skin – a threat to firm, youthful skin. Free radicals attack collagen and may contribute to an older-looking face. Although sunscreen should always be used, antioxidant supplementation may offer some protective benefits to the skin from free radical damage and the effects of ultraviolet rays.

As a dietary supplement, take one (1) to four (4) capsules daily; preferably one (1) to two (2) each morning and evening with food

Tegreen 97™ is an exclusive preparation of green tea leaf extract (20:1) (Camellia sinensis) standardised to 97% polyphenols in which 65% are the catechins. Each capsule is equivalent to the polyphenol content of approximately 7 cups of green tea without caffeine. Tegreen 97 is one the most concentrated level of green tea polyphenols available in a dietary supplement, and is carefully standardised through advanced technologies and proprietary methods.

Each Tegreen 97 capsule contains:
Camellia sinensis (green tea) extract equiv. dry leaf 5g 250 mg


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